Your mobile advertising platform

Wallisrollt relies on the support of sponsors.

Sponsors can advertise in various places on our bikes. For example, they can display their logo on both sides of the bike to boost their image and raise awareness on the move.

The sponsor’s logo can also be displayed at the hire station.


The services differ depending on the chosen sponsorship package.

Pack Category Price Layout
#1 Main Sponsor according agreement yes yes yes yes yes yes
#2 Sponsor from 10’000.- yes yes yes yes yes yes
#3 Co-Sponsor 1 from 5’000.- yes yes yes yes yes yes
#4 Co-Sponsor 2 from 3’000.- yes yes yes yes yes yes
#5 Local 1 from 1’000.- yes yes yes no no no
#6 Local 2 from 500.- on choice on choice yes no no no
#7 Favorer from 100.- no no yes no no no

Subject to change / values not contractually binding

In addition to the services listed above, a range of other options are available, such as advertising banners on our website, or partnerships for discovery tours or tourist attractions. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Documentation / contact form:

– Contact form (sponsorship) [Sponsorship contact form]