Each summer, Wallisrollt provides high-quality bikes free of charge to tourists and the local population. Our hire stations are located in busy areas in the Rhone valley between Brig and Le Bouveret.

With more than 450 bikes available to hire for a total of approximately 11,000 excursions per season, Wallisrollt offers a unique experience in Valais.

We have been helping to expand the range of tourism services in Upper and Lower Valais since 2009, with the aim of helping people back into work.

As part of the 200th anniversary of Valais’s accession to the Swiss Confederation, Wallisrollt was awarded the tourist label “Valais/Wallis 2015” for its high-quality services.

The award recognises our work over the years as well as the implementation of an idea that unites fundamental values such as responsibility, freedom, health and mobility. The regionally oriented and representative marketing campaign “Das Wallis mit dem Velo erleben” (Discover Valais by bicycle) was also launched in 2014.


Expand the range of leisure and tourism services

Wallisrollt has a welcoming, inviting, responsible and dynamic image. Our guests and the local population like to hire bikes and therefore make frequent use of our services.

Help people back into work

Wallisrollt creates jobs and offers long-term jobseekers the opportunity to improve their social skills as service providers. The aim is to reintegrate them into the primary labour market.

Contribute towards healthcare

The services offered by Wallisrollt enable customers to exercise on a regular basis, which improves their general health and reduces the risk of illness and disease. Wallisrollt thereby helps to cut healthcare costs.

Support non-motorised transport and protect the environment

Wallisrollt is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and highly energy-efficient form of transport. In the Rhone valley, bicycles provide a genuine alternative to cars.


Wallisrollt and velospot join forces

Wallisrollt and velospot have joined forces in 2014 to expand bike hire operations in Valais and promote cycling as a means of transport.

Rentals from Wallisrollt are now processed using the velospot hire system. Velospot customers throughout Switzerland benefit from simplified bike hire at all Wallisrollt stations, as they can use their velospot card to identify themselves and do not have to pay a deposit.

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