Valaisrollt provides quality bicycles free of charge to the local population and tourists every summer. Our rental stations are located at highly frequented sites on the Rhone plain between Brig and Le Bouveret.

More than 450 bicycles are available for a total rental of approximately 11’000 trips per season. Our product thus offers a unique experience in the Valais.

With the goal of professional reintegration in mind, we have been helping to expand the tourist offer in the Upper and Lower Valais since 2009.

Thanks to its qualitative offer, Valaisrollt was awarded the Valais/Wallis 2015 tourist label as part of the 200th anniversary celebrations of Valais’ accession to the Confederation.

This award is recognition for the work done over several years and the realisation of an idea that combines fundamental values such as social responsibility, freedom, health and mobility. 2014 also saw the launch of a strongly anchored and representative marketing “Experience Valais by bike”.

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Expansion of the tourism and leisure offer

Valaisrollt’s image is hospitable, welcoming, responsible and dynamic. The local population and our guests appreciate the bike rental and use the services of Wallisrollt actively.

Reintegration into the labour market

Wallisrollt creates jobs and offers long-term jobseekers the opportunity to improve their social skills as a service provider. The goal is integration into the primary labour market.

Health contribution

The Wallisrollt offer enables our clients to be active on a regular basis. This improves their state of health and reduces health risks. Wallisrollt thus contributes to reducing health care costs.

Promoting non-motorised traffic and preserving the environment

Wallisrollt ist ein umweltfreundliches, kostengünstiges und äusserst energiesparendes Verkehrsmittel. In der Rhoneebene ist das Velo im Stadtverkehr eine echte Alternative zum Auto.